I Think We Did Pretty Good

When I got home from work this afternoon, I went to check my Facebook profile and I found this wall post from by best friend, who will remain nameless and happens to be a Red Sox fan:

“Now I have gloating rights. Sox won 12-5.”

Okay, so I rubbed it in when the Mets won on Friday…..and came back in the ninth to stun the Sox on Saturday but yesterday’s game was just pathetic for the Mets. We had two leads and we blew them both and how the heck did Takahashi drop the ball? Needless to say, I was visiting my grandmother and was spared pretty much the whole game.

However, I think we did pretty good on this road trip. We went 5-5, which isn’t a winning road trip, but it’s not a losing one either. We won 2 of the 3 series that we played in. Considering that half our team is hurt, I’m surprised that we didn’t have a worse road trip since we’re relying on our bench.

Both David Wright and Carlos Beltran had excellent trips, even with Beltran’s knee. Omir Santos came through with another Omir-acle and I really hope they keep this guy up because he’s also making Ramon Castro a better player. I like Gary Sheffield’s presence in the line-up, even though anyone can also argue that they’d rather have Fernando Martinez in the line-up.

With the Mets reluctancy to put anybody on the DL *cough* Reyes *cough*, we as Mets fans have to hope for the best. We’re playing a three-game set against the Nationals, and while I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but the Mets can afford to rest the players that need to be rested. It’s still early enough in the season to bounce back.

Oh, and I told my BFF that the Mets let the Red Sox win and that they were lucky to avoid the sweep =)


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