I Got Two Big Problems With This Loss

1. Why did he take out Johan Santana when he was the only pitcher best equipped to get out of that inning?

I don’t care if Johan Santana had already thrown over 100 pitches. The guy is a warrior and wanted to stay in the game. Plus even if he was a little winded, 80% of Johan Santana is infinitely better than 100% of any other pitcher on the Mets active roster.

Listening to Johan Santana after the game really got me down. He was still clearly upset. The Mets should be embarrassed with how pathetic they play when their ace is on the mound. Santana expressed some disappointment that Manuel made the decision to remove him without even consulting with him. Santana said that in the past he was always consulted with first before being removed, but this time “it was all Jerry”.

2. Why was Pedro Feliciano left in to face Matt Diaz who absolutely kills lefties?

How many times have I said it on this site… Feliciano is NOT a crossover pitcher. My God, how many games do we have to lose before the Mets get this into their stubborn brains? I am so sick and tired of seeing Feliciano being counted on to get a critical out against a right handed hitter. I’m sick of it…

Look, of course the streak was going to come to an end anyway. But it’s how we lost that really drives me nuts. We looked like a bunch of mutts out there.

I’ll post a recap in the morning… I need to cool off…

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