Disappointing Road Trip With Amazin’ Results

I have to say that I was rather disappointed with this road trip.

I know! I know! They lost one-fourth of their roster. Still, I feel the Mets should’ve really gotten on a winning streak here.

They did well against the San Francisco Giants. I’ll take three out of four from them.

They were up against a Dodgers team that was without Manny Ramirez. The Mets beat themselves during that series. There was no reason they should not have taken at least two out of three. It got to the point I could not even watch the games.

As with most years, the Mets left the coast with a losing record going 3-4. The west coast is never friendly.

I was happy with the Red Sox series, though we could’ve done without Ken Takahashi’s little dropped ball fiasco. I did get a laugh out of it. Taking two out of three was not bad. I was disappointed the Mets did not sweep.

Well, what can you expect from a team that is so hurt?

This road trip killed the Mets. Not only did they go 5-5 during the trip, everybody got hurt.

On this trip alone the Mets lost:

Jose Reyes, Alex Cora, Carlos Delgado, Ramon Martinez who was pulled in the eighth inning with back pain, possibly Ryan Church, and a near loss with Francisco Rodriguez.

JJ Putz was hurt for a New York minute. Carlos Beltran is nursing a sore knee, but did play.

Yet there was a good side to this trip.

Daniel Murphy has been sent to man first base and has been declared a permanent infielder by Jerry Manuel.

According to the Mets skipper, when he told Murphy he was going to play first base and no longer play the outfield, he was like a kid at Christmas opening presents.

I have to say I was rather impressed by Murphy. He did his best fielding of the year at first base. I think it is safe to say he will be taking over first base when Delgado leaves.

My man of the year who rarely disappoints me, Mike Pelfrey, did very well once again against the Red Sox. His fourth quality start of the year. Was there ever a reason to doubt him? NO! Shame on you if you thought there was.

The defense woke up during the Red Sox series with quite a few great plays, especially by David Wright. It does pay to hug the third base line, doesn’t it David?

Manuel did state he wanted to use this trip to rest some guys, but due to injuries he could not.

I’m glad.

The guys he would’ve rested, really needed to be out there to work on their defense. It was shoddy defense that lost the series in LA.

So this was a trip that really showed us what this 2009 Mets team is really made of. Though they had quite a few men down, they were able to turn it up and win games.

The Red Sox series was the most telling on this. The Mets literally threw out their B-Team against the Red Sox A-Team.

I cannot speak for all of you, but this team definitely has a few good men. I’m not worried. Neither should you be.