8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Man Crush on Omir Santos

If you’ve watched the Mets this year then you would know that the only reason why we are in 1st place is because of the outstanding phenomenal play of one special guy, Omir Santos.For those of the you who were fortunate enough to watch Omir play in either some random Triple A town or in Baltimore for 10 games last year – let me tell ya. You. Are. Lucky. Here are 8 reasons why I and many similar Mets fans, have a man crush on #9 Omir Santos.

1) Ever since I heard his name for the first time, good things have happened. As evidenced by the Mets now having a 9-6 record since his call up. No big deal for my man Omir.

2) Ramon Castro realizes that he doesn’t have the best name amongst all Mets catchers anymore – This has inspired him to play better baseball as a result. Omir makes the people around him better, even if they aren’t even playing at the same time.

3) The name Omir reminds me of a nothing except Omir Santos. Think about it. Almost every word in the English language can mean a multitude of things, especially someone’s name. But the name Omir means just Omir (Except when it means Old Mutual Implied Rate (‘OMIR’). The broad unofficial proxy for the value of the Zimbabwe Dollar to the US$ based on the relative values of shares)

4) I heard a rumor that he got his mom a brand new Toyota Prius for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, not only does he repay his mother for making him the man he is today, but he is also environmentally conscious.

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