Will Everyone Chill Out About Beltran Already…

I wish everyone would stop flapping about Beltran not sliding already.

All day I’ve read and heard nothing but countless swipes and insults at the guy, negative posts and articles, trash talking on him like crazy on sports talk radio, and even getting his head bashed in on SNY.

Enough already!

The way the play developed anything could have happened including getting caught up in a rundown play between third and home.

 He was standing fully erect more than half way home because he had his eye on the ball, how in the world was he supposed to slide?

Carlos Beltran is absolutely right when he said that if he had attempted to slide at that point he could have gotten hurt. That’s good enough for me. But, then I read about a dozen newspaper articles and posts calling him out for not hustling and playing like a female reproductive organ.

I get crap all the time because I believe in things like heart and hustle, and yet it’s okay to blast the most complete player we have on the team?

Maybe he should have slid and ripped his quad or groin, that way everyone would all be happy about what a warrior he is…

You want to know the truth though?

The truth is that if he did get hurt on the slide, all we’d be hearing about was what a selfish player he was and how he put himself before the team and now the Mets can blame him for ending any chance of winning the division.

Move on already… Fine, he didn’t slide… Fine, it’s all his fault the Mets lost…

The facts are that the Mets blew the game because Oliver Perez is a disaster, they can’t add on runs, they lack the most basic fundamentals, and their defense is atrocious.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that’s mine.

Don’t make Beltran the scapegoat… You have a few goats on this team, but he isn’t one of them.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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