Do We Give Ollie Another Turn in the Rotation?

A 7-2 victory was just what the doctor ordered. Yes!

When Ron Darling says that a guy “pitched really well tonight” who am I to dispute? Given the weather and lack of great run support, I agree. He looked good and maintained his composure. His slider looked good, and nice to see he’s sporting a new and rather effective changeup. No sense making any predictions given his erratic, “Jekyll-Hyde-esque” performances, but tonight we got the good Ollie. If only he would stick around for the next 20 or so starts.

Parnell and Putz tandem looked terrific. Something else to see that young fire-baller when he’s on. Sure, he’s inexperienced, but we’ve gotta hope that he’ll get better and better overall as the season progresses. Sean Green, aside from his gopher ball to Gonzalez, continues to pitch well, and he’s getting my confidence.

Don’t get me wrong because I really like Daniel Murphy, but he looks like a guy who was forced to play OF because everybody else is injured. Like Reyes playing catcher or something. Strikes me as a guy who wants to do great things out there, but looks kind of silly trying to do the routine stuff well. Well, I think it’s fair to say that there’s nowhere for him to go as an OF-er except up. He sure is something to watch at the plate. Is it just me, or does he remind some of you of Charley Hustle, too?

Speaking of hustle, any thought on that heartless, gutless base running? Jose didn’t steal home, but he sure as heck came close. Gotta love it.

And how about C-DOG’s shot into the Pepsi Porch, aka the second deck! God, I love that man’s swing. You pretty much have to throw it in the dirt to prevent Delgado from golfing it over the wall.

Prepare for tomorrow. Beating Peavy will prove a challenge, and Mainey will definitely need to be on.

Metsies! Metsies! Metsies!