Today Falls Under a Win is a Win

Who saw this one? I didn’t. I live in Chicago. Lucky me, I get the blackout on Saturday afternoons.

I spent a chunk of the afternoon hitting refresh. Obviously, the line on Johan speaks for itself. Simply Amazing. Seaver, Gooden, and and Santana. Unequivocally, the greatest three Mets pitchers of all time.

What that man puts up with…Mets have a ways to go before we’re worthy of him.

Still, we must have won this game on guts because as usual there wasn’t much firepower to support JS. What a shame. Somebody, anybody let’s break the spell.

Again an opportunity for DWright, again a great big nothing. Ugly pattern. It’s just got to stop. Runners LOB wasn’t a terrible problem today, but it was problem enough. 

I look forward to the analysis of others. For now, I’m going to enjoy my Saturday, savoring a victory in which we were just a tiny bit better than the opponent.

Incidentally, I’m thinking that getting Putz and K-Rod was probably among the best Mets trade deals since, well, since we acquired Johan.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Do you hear that…er, who’s pitching tomorrow?

Get ‘Em Metsies!