The Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players

Losing 6-4 to the Cards isn’t the story. It’s how the Mets lost that’s darkening every fans mood. How can so much badly played baseball be packed into 9 innings!

Perez returned to his bad self. Four decent innings, and that’s all she wrote. Loss of control, and then batting practice. Yadier owns us. We had a 4-0 lead that lasted till the fifth; we also had 10 hits till that point, and then added exactly one more over the final four innings.

Tonight it was the BP’s turn to let us down. New call up Casey Fossum walked in the tying run on four pitches (Whew! Good thing we DFA’ed Figueroa). Then it was Putz’s turn to implode in the 8th.

J.J. had a little help from Daniel—“I got it! I got it! He got it alright!—Murphy who manages to do lots of seemingly acrobatic things in the OF without ever making the play to go with the, er, act. Oy vey! How much more of this guy do we have to watch in LF? I am souring on him quickly. He needs to go to OFers school. Oh, and he also managed to get himself picked off of first in the first because, again, Yadier owns us!

And speaking of some bone-headed base running…What the &*^% was Beltran doing in trying to score on a bungled Sac fly throw to 3rd. He decided rather than sliding into home to beat the throw, he would just cross HP standing up, save that Yadier had the plate blocked w/ his foot; Beltran more or less beat the tag, but ended up on Molina’s foot.

Definitely a more painful and exasperating loss than the last one to the Brew Crew. Tonight was a carbon copy of so many games in ’08 when we would score big early, and then take the rest of the game off at the plate. I’m kind of hoping JMAN smashes some things around in that locker room tonight.

The Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players gave us their worst game of this young season, but it’s reflected in the score; it’s reflected in the little stupid and careless things they did.