The Good, the Bad, and the Johan

Once in a while, I have those days where in my gut I know that the Mets are going to lose. Once every fifth day, I feel really good about the game. With Johan Santana pitching, I know it will be a low-scoring affair (on both sides unfortunately). I think yesterday was the first game all season where I expected a win. Johan Santana vs. the Nationals was just what we needed.

Welcome to the first regular season installment of Hot/Not.  In an effort to write about what the Mets actually have going for them, all I could think of was Johan Santana. Our ace is 3-1 with an 0.70 ERA, which is tops in the National League and second in the majors (Zach Grienke still has a 0.00 ERA). Santana’s 37 K’s also lead the majors.

The ninth inning of any Mets game will be interesting; it’s a cardinal rule for the Mets. Yesterday’s 2-run rally by the Nationals wasn’t enough to make me think less of K-Rod, excuse me, Frankie Rodriguez. Our bullpen keeps the team in the game, even though I am already fearing that these guys may be overused.

Offensively, Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo are getting the job done. They are hitting .400 and .383 respectively. Beltran was recently moved from fifth to third in the lineup and Castillo seems back to old form, hitting well no matter where Jerry puts him.

As for the bad, I could go on and on about how too many runners are left on base, there is uncertainty in the rotation after Santana, and David Wright who seems to be thinking too much at the plate. But I decided to keep this post positive.  The Mets need all the positive vibes they can get… and maybe a bionic arm for Johan Santana.


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