Out Of Town Mets Fans Rejoice!

Are you as excited as me about opening up Citi Field? If you live out of town like I do, you feel the pain of missing Mets games and not having local access to programming or the freedom to attend a game. I live in Oklahoma and MLB considers me to be in the region for four teams, none of which I claim. There’s no way I’m rooting for the Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals and definitely not the damn St. Louis Cardinals.

Fortunately, I subscribe to MLB.tv and see most of the games (thank God for that) on my computer. There are still times when the games are blacked out – on Saturday afternoons, Sunday nights and anytime those four teams are playing the Mets. I even changed from local cable service to Dish Network in order to have SNY, but yet they also black out games until 9pm.

What’s an out-of-town Mets’ fan to do?

This morning I received an email saying the exhibition games Friday and Saturday will be free on MLB.tv. So I wanted to share with everyone, because I know my fellow ‘out-of-town’ Mets fans would definitely be interested. Maybe someday MLB will get it through their hard heads that fans can live anywhere in the world and they can’t force us to like a team just because they are conveniently local.

All you have to do is register for free and watch the Mets play in their new home!

Enjoy the games (weather permitting*). Lets go Mets!

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