Oliver Perez Is A Recipe For Disaster

Everywhere you go today you’ll read pretty much the same thing.

Tops on today’s agenda is of course Oliver Perez and wait until you see what the Mets manager had to say about him.

“I don’t know what we do,” Manuel said. “It’s something that has us concerned. It has me concerned. I’ll put it that way. I’m concerned. I’m not going to come out and make a decision with the mood I’m in at this point. That wouldn’t be right. I’m going to hold off on that. Try to breathe. Get to the bridge, see where I’m at, then come back and make a decision on that. I haven’t seen the stuff. That’s what really concerns me at this point. And not to have the stuff and not to have command, that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Be careful what you wish for… Besides myself, not that my opinion matters all that much, Jerry Manuel, Johan Santana and Jose Reyes all went on record this off season wanting Oliver Perez to come back. Obviously, so did Omar Minaya…

The question now is, what do we do with him?

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