No Heart, No Fire…

As evidenced by the jubilation when the bench cleared to congratulate Castillo for his game-winning IF hit. Did you happen to see Ollie embrace Castillo as if we’d just won it all?! This is exactly the kind of victory that you have to have to be competitive. If we cannot blow away the opposition, then we have to savor these kinds of moments and look forward to battling back—as we have done consistently in our first 10 or so games—or winning most of the close ones.

It is true that we do a really lousy job of breaking open games when we should; way too many guys LOB all over again. So frustrating. But tonight showed me we have the ability to come back and win even when the demoralization of losing a good lead has set in. None of us may realize just how big the win will be, or, maybe, more accurately, what it may represent. In an instant, the first demon of the season was exorcised.

Hernandez pitched well enough through five, and then…ugh. Fortunately, the BP performed perfectly again. What this could mean is that even when a lead evaporates, we have hurlers who can come in, lock things down, and then hitters can chip away. Overall, we are scoring lots of runs. Just imagine if we ever get the clutch hits!

I just love it when I sense the Mets are never giving up, even when just about everything seems to be going wrong. Man, I am so fed up with people saying they don’t want to win, or they don’t know how, or they’re dysfunctional, or some other nincompoopish drivel. What I saw tonight, a simple come-from-behind victory against an utterly middling opponent, spoke volumes about how badly these Mets want to be worthy of their fans as they show us that they believe in themselves.

Let’s Go Mets!