Mets Notes – Gooden Aftermath, 100 LOB? Mets Not The Worst

The Mets might have gotten the day off today, but the Mets blogosphere keeps churning.

On top of the swell of angst building up over the Dwight Gooden autograph debacle, it’s good to see that most bloggers including Matt Cerrone, agree with our point of view this morning and not only keep the autograph, but even add to it as was written here this morning.

Gooden may have been onto something, and it would have been cool if other former Mets stopped by and signed the wall too, thus creating a wonderful tribute to the franchise and it’s Amazin’ history.

It would have become a center of attraction and not the eye sore that the Wilpons’ envisioned it as. It would have made Citi Field a little bit more, dare I say it… Mets Merized!

It took the Mets just 12 games to reach the century mark in players left on base. Wow, is that some kind of record or something? I decided to look into it a little closer and I found out that three teams actually left more runners on base in the NL and two more in the AL.

Left On Base
110 – Cleveland Indians (13 games)
107 – Los Angeles Dodgers (13 games)
105 – St. Louis Cardinals (13 games)
104 – Toronto Blue Jays (14 games)
101 – Washington Nationals (11 games)
100 – New York Mets (12 games)

If you consider the games played, the Mets are the second worst efficient team after the Nationals.

There’s two schools of thought to whether Jerry Manuel should have pinch hit Luis Castillo for Fernando Tatis in yesterdays game and let him bunt the runners over.

1. It’s Baseball 101, Manuel should have followed the book and had Luis Castillo bunt the runners over.

2. The Mets had one of their best clutch hitters up at the plate, so let Fernando Tatis swing away.

Obviously it didn’t work out for Tatis, but there’s no telling if Castillo bunting would have changed the outcome either, because ultimately they still needed someone to drive the ball for a run to score.

Manuel rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes… big deal. If Tatis had launched one over the leftfield wall we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

It’s baseball… I’d rather have a manager who plays a hunch now and then rather than be a push button manager.

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