Mets Links – Mourning Edition

I don’t post as many links to other interesting Mets blog posts and articles as much as I did in the off season. Mostly because there’s always a million things to write about everyday with the Mets now that the season is in full throttle.

 MetsBlog usually does a good job pointing Mets fans to some good reads, but even they miss some interesting posts that sometimes fall through the cracks.

I really liked what Lisa of Subway Squawkers wrote as a counterpoint to her partner and Mets fan, Squawker John yesterday.

If only Sandy Koufax had signed the wall next to Gooden – the Mets would have been bronzing that signature, and this never would have been an issue in the first place!

I don’t understand why your team’s ownership seems to worship the Brooklyn Dodgers more than the Mets, down to having an “Ebbets Club” in Citi Field, given that the Mets were actually more popular than the Dodgers were. And no, that is not a typo.

The Dodgers won the pennant four times in five years in the ’50s, and nearly won the pennant in 1951, yet the most they drew per game back then was a grand total of 16,444, in 1951. Most years, they drew between 13 and 15 thousand a game. Remember, Ebbets Field held 32,000, yet they weren’t even able to sell that out.

I had no idea that the Brooklyn Dodgers drew so little until reading this yesterday. Nice job Lisa, but stop picking on John!

Tanya Mercado of Cit Field Of Dreams is one of my favorite Mets bloggers, and today she tackles the years old debate about the Mets black uniforms.

Personally, I like the black jersey’s. At the same time, I’m all for tradition. Tradition dictates you stick with the grey, pinstripe, and plain white uniforms. I would not mind getting rid of the plain white uni’s either. What do you think?

She has a poll going, and I’d love to see what most Met fans think about the black uni’s. As for me, ditch the black and wear the blue pinstripe jerseys with vintage blue caps in at least 50 of our home games.

The Eddie Kranepool Society made my day when they accurately described the suffocating advertising all over the Citi Field scoreboard.

The scoreboard sucks. All the adds on the board are so low rent –Buy your Gold Jewelry, Used Cars Dealers (Bud Selig?), Construction Equipment (Tony Soprano) Free Credit Report and Caesars Casinos-they only business missing up there are Madam Marie’s Rub and a Tug and the Canarsie Indians Tax Free Cigarettes Shack. The old board at Shea , kicks $iti’s ass everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. When you walked into Shea the first thing you checked was the day’s lineup. Not on the $iti board until game time. Out of Town Scores?  At Shea right in front of you.  At $iti? Up high near the lights plus you need Lasix surgery to see it properly. Thank God for the Black Berry.

He wrote that in a post on BBTF and then got some flack from someone who most assuredly hasn’t been phased one bit by this ravaged economy. Go and throw in your own two cents… Better make that one cent…

That’s all folks…

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