Mets Fans Are Not The Only Ones Worried

Mets fans are always worried, thats what makes us Mets fans. Of course you have the overly optimistic Mets fans who will always tell you, “it’s only April” or “relax, we have a seven game lead.” Those fans are the most vocal, but still make up the minority.

We are all a hopeful bunch, but still “glass empty” type of fans for the most part. All of that said, we could always count on the Mets hierarchy to blow smoke up our behinds and tell us what we want and what we need to hear.

But, now I read that the Mets higher-ups are concerned about the makeup of the team? Could this be true?

Jon Heyman of and frequent analyst on SNY, write this in his latest column.

But while Mets people are all understandably thrilled to be in their comfy new confines, a slow start that has revealed weaknesses in the team’s rotation, defense and lineup has offset the jubilation. Although the new season is just seven days old, Mets people seem genuinely dismayed.

“We have a good team … on paper, anyway,” lamented one top Mets decision maker.

Heyman, also sheds some light on Jerry Manuel who was very concerned and even saddened about the team defense and lack of fire. And that was before the Ryan Church dropped flyball which led to another loss.

Finally he outlines HIS own areas of concerns which number four.

1. The defense looks slipshod. There’s no excuse for back-to-back games in which players drop routine fly balls, though it’s possible Church is still getting acclimated to what looks like a difficult right field. And by the way, Gary Sheffield is not going to help there. Manuel intends to give Sheffield starts in right and perhaps even left, but only to keep him sharp, as Sheffield, 40, himself admitted he’s concerned about his outfield play after a whole year away. “He can’t play the field anymore,” one scout said, flat out.

2. There are a few issues with the starting pitchers, too. Yes, Johan Santana looks more terrific than ever, Livan Hernandez turned in a nice Mets debut and John Maine was solid the first time out after a dreadful spring in which higher-ups questioned whether he had lost his confidence, but Oliver Perez struggled badly out of the stretch in his outing and Mike Pelfrey hasn’t yet shown the dominant stuff he flashed last year.

3. The offense is underachieving. One Mets exec remarked that the Padres’ Mexico League reclamation project Walter Silva shut them down “on nothing” before Wright’s three-run home run put them in business — at least until three Padres’ relievers, including Duaner Sanchez, whom the Mets released in spring, did the same.

4. There isn’t enough fire. Another Mets person said the players seem to “lack a killer instinct” so far, which might reflect leftover feelings from their two straight September fades.

So there it is, from the Mets’ baseball guru and baseball insider himself, as SNY likes to refer to him.

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