Lets Not Celebrate Too Much!

It’s great to have a victory, break a slump, and give Santana a win he deserves but, the Mets still have a huge problem with RISP and everyone knows it. In yesterday’s game the Mets left 13 on base and (get ready, I hope you’re sitting) where 1 for 18 with runners in scoring position.

I can’t tell you an easy fix but if I had one, I think even Jerry would probably hear me at this point. I like the Beltran shift to the 3 spot and I think it is making a difference already. Two players that I believe need some help is of course Wright and Jose. Yep I said it Jose Reyes and the reason I can say it is because with runners in scoring position his RISP average is a little low. Now maybe it has something to do with the fact that Jose gets overly excited which we all know is possible with the most electrifying runner in baseball and maybe he tries to do too much. I do notice him swinging ahead a lot so far this season and either grounding out or popping up to first base side. Hopefully they can get him going good at the plate with RISP cause that will  guarantee more wins.

Now when it comes to Wright, he has become a pretty predictable batter to pitch to and that is never a good thing. Pitchers seem to pitch Wright consistently on the outside corner and he continues to let them get those strikes and fall behind in counts and even strike out. He may be letting them get that outside corner because before he stopped swinging at those pitches he was always fooled with the breaking ball away. The sad thing is he has enough power to drive the ball out to opposite field but he never swings. We got a glimpse of that yesterday when he was robbed by Kearns on a basket catch late in the game. I have no doubts that Wright can turn it around. He is a professional and that is why he gets the name (its my favorite by the way) employee #5.

Ok so those are my concerns from yesterday’s game. I still shake my head in amazement at how well Johan Santana is. I still remember some people were complaining about all we had to give up for the guy. I don’t hear those people now. Enjoy yesterday’s win for another 2 hours and let’s hope Big Pelf shows up today.