Jo-han, Jo-han, A Pitcher’s Life For Me

Amazing. There is no better word to describe Johan Santana. Talk about a stopper – he’s the only guy in the Mets rotation who can win!  (And have a different handshake for every teammate!)  Now I have been following baseball since 1990, and I’ll admit I have never been a fan of pitching. Never gave it any thought; it was just part of the game. No favorite player of mine has ever been a pitcher. I have always been a sucker for offense. Love the crack of the bat, etc.  But watching Santana pitch has been like discovering a whole new sport for me! I have never enjoyed watching a guy on the mound as much as I enjoy watching him. And since the Mets offense –  especially when Santana is on the mound – is a bit questionable, maybe it’s time to turn my attention towards pitching??

On another note, I must say I am proud to be a New York Mets fan. I am seeing something take place at Citi Field that I hadn’t seen at Shea in a very long time – the WAVE! What makes it so awesome at Citi is that it doesn’t stop!  Because the stadium goes all the way around, the wave can too. At Shea, when it reached the left field or right field corners, it was over, and one of those corners would have to start it up again. And because Citi Field has only three levels, as opposed to Shea’s four, it’s easier for the entire stadium to take part in the wave, making it look like it was right out of a movie. If I’m not mistaken, that wave went around three times last night, and only ended because the inning did!

Lastly, I have been meaning to give Kudos to Citi for their latest commercial. I absolutely love it, and I’m not just saying that because I worked for Citi for several years. A time-lapsed view of Citi Field, as the fans fill the stadium, the grounds crew gets the field ready, and the players take the field. And the message is so simply stated, “The final piece of Citi Field is in place. You. Welcome Home.”  I probably shouldn’t say this, but having worked for them, I know they’re all about making a sale. But the commercial mentions nothing about their products and services.  Nothing about visiting a Financial Center to open an account. Just a sense of pride in the Mets new home in a way that touches the hearts of all Mets fans.

As you can see, it’s the little things that make me happy 🙂