It’s Our Turn Now

Even though I already knew what it was going to say, when I got my Sports Illustrated in the mail, I turned right to the page where they had their playoff predictions. And as I saw Mets over Dodgers, Mets over Cubs, and Mets over Angels, I forgot that SI had a curse of sorts. But then I remembered, and I hoped that they cursed CC Sabathia instead of the Mets.

As the eve of baseball season approaches us, and national media outlets remind us that we were choke artists for the last two years, it is reassuring to know that these same outlets believe that we can a) win the division, b) make it to the World Series, and c) win.

I hope the addition of Gary Sheffield bolsters our lineup; I hope he gives us the pop we need at the bottom of the lineup. I hope Mike Pelfrey can continue upward and pitch his heart out that first night in Citi Field. I hope Oliver Perez grows to be a consistent pitcher. I hope Luis Castillo doesn’t become my permanent scapegoat. I hope Jose Reyes once again leads the majors in stolen bases. And most importantly, I hope we win the World Series.

We’ve waited silently in the wings for three years. We’ve watched as the Cardinals, Red Sox, and Phillies celebrated their championships, and have debated which one hurt most. We’ve watched our playoff run end one too many times for this Mets fan. I think the Phillies have awoken a sleeping monster by winning it all.

Even though Shea was home, I will always think of Beltran striking out with the bases loaded, Tom Glavine’s 1/3 inning of torture, and Scott Schoeneweis giving up that home run to Wes Helms. Lets make new memories for Citi Field, starting with a crisp new World Series banner.


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