If It Was Your Choice, Pitchers Park or Hitters Haven?

During Wednesday night’s broadcast, Gary Cohen talked about some of the drives he felt would have been homers at Shea Stadium, specifically citing Wright and Beltran’s long outs.

He went on to say how Jeff Wilpon mentioned that the Citi Field was setup so that if necessary they could bring in the fences next season if the park effected the Mets offense adversely.

After many, many years of playing in a pitchers park like Shea Stadium, and never getting a no-hitter to show for it, I was kind of hoping to see a different kind of baseball in Queens with the new ballpark.

I was envious of how the Phillies left the deep caverns of Veterans Stadium for the launching pad that is Citizens Bank Park.

I think I would have enjoyed seeing David Wright and Carlos Beltran toying with 40-45 HR seasons, and Jose Reyes upping the ante to 25 homers.

It looks like this season will sap some of the power from this team, a contingency that wasn’t well thought out in my opinion. Especially when you already had little power coming from Dan Murphy, Brian Schneider and Luis Castillo.

Sure, everybody loves a pitching duel, but I was kind of hoping to see a brand new era of Mets baseball where maybe the longball would have been more prevalent, and the cheers and excitement as well.

And if we are going to stick with a park that is even more pitcher friendly than Shea was, why don’t we have more than one lights out pitcher in our rotation?

Most teams tailor their rosters to fit the park. You have a short porch in left, then you bring in some right-handed power hitters, you have a short alley in right then you load up on lefthanded thumpers.  Shouldn’t we have loaded up on at least one other top of the rotation starter to really take advantage of our park effects and have a real home-field advantage?

We can always make Citi Field a little bit more hitter friendly next season. Wilpon said, “We can make the dimensions smaller if we have to, but we wanted to start off deep and then go from there.”

 What are your thoughts? Pitchers park or hitters haven?

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