How ‘Bout Those Mets?

You know, a friend of mine once told me that I was the only person who actually answered that question when she asked it to try to change the subject of a conversation. She couldn’t believe she found such an avid Mets fan who took her literally! I laugh every time I think about that. But seriously folks, how bout ‘em? It’s way too soon to tell what kind of a season this team is really going to have. As in recent years, this team looks great on paper. Great on paper. Big deal. They have to be great on the field.

So what have I seen that I like so far? Daniel Murphy. This kid can hit. He has a good eye at the plate and is extremely patient. Ryan Church is off to another good start, as he was last year. Delgado and Beltran are consistent, carrying over from their good springs. Johan Santana had a really decent start but didn’t get much run support; luckily he didn’t need it. And as we know, he is a second half pitcher anyway. I was totally against Castillo and his long-term contract. And not to say I am thrilled with anything in particular he’s done on the field just yet, I am impressed with his off-season training and his intent to get into shape, which he did, and show that he wants to be here, even if he ends up not being the player we need him to be. He plays a good second base, runs well, and doesn’t strike out a lot, which are all good things as long as he stays healthy.

I’m not worried about Wright and Reyes. They will get hot and when they do, watch out.

The team as a whole is hitting better going the other way. I guess all the work in Spring Training paid off.

Now on to my concerns. Ollie Perez. What can I say? He had a good finish to the 2008 season and I’ll admit I was one of those people who was glad to see him get signed for this year. But now I’m eating my words. I know it’s only been one start, but he had a bad spring, including the WBC, and I just don’t know how effective he is going to be in the rotation for the entire season. His velocity has diminished and no one knows why, but how long can we wait on that? Mike Pelfrey also finished strong in 2008. But like Ollie, I’m concerned about just how effective he is going to be. We haven’t seen Maine yet (tonight) but my only concern with him is coming off the surgery. If he bounces back completely, he will be fine.

Last year it was the bullpen that let us down, blowing 29 save opportunities; 7 of the potential wins belonging to Santana. This year, the bullpen looks solid, despite the near heart-attach K-Rod, or Frankie Rodriguez, as he prefers to be called, gave us Wednesday night. As one of my fellow Mets friends posted on Facebook, “The Mets will kill me by the end of the season.”  Hey, what’s a Mets game without a little edge-of-your-seat nail-biting?

One further note: I’m not feeling the Phillies this year. My hunch? Watch out for the Braves and Marlins. 

Let’s Go Mets!!