Did That Look Like A Fixed Bullpen To You?

We had a 3-0 lead, and, according to the records, we’ve now lost for the third time this season when having a lead of three runs or more. It seemed as if the Mets felt bad for the Marlins because they had lost seven straight, so the Mets decided to be gracious hosts.

Whaddya say we DFA Sean Green! As others have opined, he’s kind of Heilman and Schoeneweis rolled into one, and tonight he caused about as much damage as the two of them often would combined in an evening. Last year we kept getting destroyed after the seventh or eighth innings. This year, with our “upgraded” BP, we seem to lose earlier; tonight we lost the game in the sixth.

Livan pitched well through 5 1/3. JMAN lifted him for Parnell w/ two on and one out. Frankly, I thought Parnell should have pitched the sixth, but I apparently didn’t see the fatigue in Livan JMAN did. I really don’t understand why we are not trying to get just a little more of the starting five. At this rate, the BP will be way over used by June.

The hitting was just pathetic from the sixth on. Fortunately, Wright had an RBI w/ a RISP. Maybe he’s gradually on the mend. On the other hand, he still is a K-King, so he has quite a ways to go. Was it just me, or was it an instant replay of Church hitting pop ups every time he came to the plate! Reyes’ ABs were utterly terrible, and it kind of bugs me that he just smiles when called out on strikes.

This was another one of those games when you kept thinking to yourself, “I know we’re going to blow this open.” People such as Cora, Sheff, Tatis, and Santos had us feeling that just about anyone in the lineup could get a key hit. Just few key hits when we needed them in the end. It’s killing me that I don’t see the Mets fighting back in games. No, this is not a Red Sox-type outfit.

Defensively, there were no really ghastly plays, and, anyway, there’s little defense against a three-run blast!

Given the Rangers sad performance tonight, I was hoping the Mets would come through for us, and salvage this now miserable Tuesday night. Alas!

Tomorrow it’s Johan vs. Johnson. Maybe, just maybe, we show up, support Santana, and get some big hits off Johnson—just for once!

We lose this series, and I go into full panic mode.