Citi Is Nothing Like Shea

So what does everyone think about our new park? For the weeks leading up to last night we’ve seen hundreds of pictures, heard hundreds of stories, and even got a preview of all the culinary delights and prices. But in that one exhibition game last night, we learned more than all of that other stuff put together.

Almost immediately, we found out how much less foul territory their was down the line when second baseman Luis Castillo went head over heels into the stands while trying to retrieve a foul popup. He hasn’t shown agility like that in years, so maybe he really is in great shape this season.

Then on a hard liner to rightfield, Tatis had to shift gears and restart his engines after the ball rebounded sharply off of the stands that cut into the field just behind first base. Changing directions the way Tatis did, can be tough on the hammys.

It’s going to take some time to get used to all of the angles at Citi. There are so many nuances that you just don’t see in other parks. If nothing else, the dimensions are as unique as I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of Tatis, he launched a drive that I swear would have been a homerun at Shea, but instead Tatis had to settle for a double.

Maybe as it becomes apparent to the players that Citi is no homerun haven, it will force them to become better hitters and to just make solid contact?

We’ll learn so much more in the weeks and months ahead, but for now it’s quite clear that Citi Field is nothing like the stadium it has replaced.

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