Change, Change, Change

Well it seems as if the front office is all about giving players their shot and if they fail they are gone.

Casey Fossum was designated for assignment this past Sunday after a short stint with the Big Leagues. Freddy Garcia never even made it to a big league game before being cut either. I have to say it looks like this season will bring a lot of new faces to the Mets team the way they keep going through players.  Why haven’t they just put Figgy in the bullpen? And will all these constant changes really help the club? I wonder who is going to be the next casualty of war? Omar is really starting to tighten his grip and I think  it is mainly because the Wilpons are tightening the noose around his neck.

Jerry hasn’t looked nothing like the great manager we were all expecting, the one that saved last years season and kept it close. It looks like he is playing it safe with this team and safe is not going to win games.

Sorry Jerry, but you are going to have to throw caution to the wind sooner or later. One of the reasons the Mets were a big threat last season was because once they got on the bases, they put added pressure on opposing defenses with their base stealing. One more thing… whats the deal with taking those first pitch meatballs all of the time? I never thought pitch counts could hurt us offensively as much as it does defensively, but some how it is starting to.

The next 30 days, although many do not want to say it, are going to be crucially important. With the Phils looming ahead,  if the Mets don’t play with heart we all know that Philly will because they hate us so much it drives them. Come on boys, quit the pity party and play with some fire, we all know you can!