Bullpen Not At Fault

After watching the game last night against the Florida Marlins one could say that the ending was a 2008 re-run.  John Maine pitched 5.0 innings, allowing 2 hits, both of which were solo home-runs.  He didn’t walk anyone and pitched a total of 83 pitches.  After Maine left the 5th inning Bobby Parnell and Sean Green allowed a run each in their respective innings.  Watching the game and looking at the box score shows that the bullpen allowed 3 runs including the final run, which was a walk off RBI off of Darren O’Day.  There were many games that ended just like the one last night did in 2008.   In 2008 whenever our starters left the game there would always be a knot in my stomach and I’m sure many other Met fans would have a similar feeling about our bullpen last year.  This year was supposed to be different, Omar Minaya, the Wilpons and Jerry promised us it would be a different story in 2009.

For many games in 2008 it was the bullpen that lost games for the Mets.  Johan Santana knows that better than anyone as the bullpen blew 7 of his starts last year.  I don’t think it’s fair to blame the bullpen for the lost last night.  Last nights lost was the result of a lack of offense when it mattered most.  I know the Mets offense scored 4 runs but they could have and should have scored more than just the 4 runs.  There were plenty of opportunities to blow the game wide open.  Last night the Mets left 14 men on base, 12 of which in scoring position.  That is inexcusable.  To win baseball games you have to drive in runs when there are runners on base, something that the Mets offense could not do.  The Marlins walked 6 Mets throughout the game, when you are given bases you must capitalize on what you’re given otherwise the walks are useless.

Parnell, Green and O’Day did let the runs score but those 3 runs wouldn’t have  hurt the Mets if the offense did their job and scored more runs.  The Mets need to get out of this funk with runners on base and produce runs with men in scoring position.  Otherwise there will be many more endings like last night.