April 2009 Promotions

Generally teams have to think of creative ways to fill the stands (or, corporations think of creative ways for teams to fill the stands) and this year more than ever this will need to happen. I have spent some time going through the promotion schedules for April for about every team, and I have picked out some promotions that are eye catching, or just not your run-of-the-mill free T-Shirt (however, there is nothing wrong with a free T-shirt). The Phillies and Rays will be celebrating their pennant and World Championships all month, but what about teams that didn’t win, what are they doing?

The Orioles always do something that amazes me, because they find ways to slash prices and yet still do not fill the stands (they do this thing with Chick-Fil-A every year, the Dugout club, which is $17 and gets kids 10 game tickets, including weekends). Anyway, this year they have the Birdland Stimulus Package on Thursdays which allow parents to bring their children, two per adult, free to the game. They made a logo for it too, and it looks the Presidential Seal, with an Oriole instead of an Eagle.

Do you collect pins? Well the Yankees on their home opener will be giving alway a commentive pin about the new stadium, and the Giants on the 8th will be giving out a commentive pin about Tim Lincecum winning the Cy Young Award.

The Brewers are worrking on regional pride with a five county five day affair at the end of April. If you a resident of certain counties you can get some seats half off, and the seats that you can’t get half off, you get for just one dollar.

The Angels are celebratign their history this month with their new HOF’ers. They will be giving out blankets with all of the HOF’ers on them, they will be giving out model plaques as well. They are also going to honor Guerrero with a banner that has him with Babe Ruth as the only two players in the history of baseball to have 11 straight seasons of at least 25 homeruns and at least as .300 batting average.

Finally, the Athletics and the Padres are really stepping up the “free T-shirt” idea with free replica jerseys. The Athletics will be giving one out of Holliday, and the Padres will be modeling their 1969 uniform. (These are not though actual Replica like you find in the stores).

The Mets sadly did not make this list. The best thing they are giving out this month is a drawstring backpack that looks like Santana’s Jersey, but they don’t have to try to fill the stands right now, because that will probably happen anyway.

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