A Vote of Confidence

Well with the season now underway many are predicting our Mets to take the division. Now I am a huge optimist in every area of my life. Always have been and always will be, but when it comes to the Mets I get a little unbalanced to say the least. I love my team but when everyone starts making their predictions I turn into a kid trying to play double dutch. I’m afraid to jump in cause I don’t want to get hit by the rope or tangled up and knocked to the floor.

The past two seasons have really been tough for fans and players (definitely harder on the players). What is really strange is that as much as I try to be cautious so that at the end of the season I’m not heartbroken, I always end up falling head over heels for that orange and blue. Somewhere along the way the optimist in me throws caution to the wind because there are those key moments that just MAKE YOU BELIEVE!

And now we stand at the precipice of a new season or to put it visually better, at the foot of the mountain. As the Mets scratch and claw their way up to the top we the fans cheer them on hoping they don’t fall. Monday’s first game was just what fans needed and more specifically, what I needed as well.

The off season overhaul of the bullpen really was needed and everyone knew it. But what we didn’t know was if the organization did enough. Well after watching Monday’s game we can say YES! The showing the bullpen gave really gave me a boost of confidence. With that boost I can already see myself becoming a hopeless romantic with those M-E-T-S METS, METS, METS!

Now Big Pelf takes the mound in game 2 and maybe we’ll see Stokes or Parnell in this game and they can give the same results as the first game and not because they need a long reliever. Maybe Castillo will have an explosive day at the plate or maybe just maybe, Murphy will hit another homerun and show up on MLB radars everywhere. You see already I’m starting to give in to the JUST GOTTA BELIEVE power.