A Page Out of 2008

A Page Out of 2008

And a bad one at that. Yes, we battled back, and that was great to see, but we should have won this game, not lost 5-4 after coming back twice. We lost because we left 14 men on base, and because every time we needed the big pitching performance from the pen they let us down.

Some non-linear thoughts on why we failed tonight:

Mainey pitched really well with the exception of a couple of pitches. He consistently threw between 93 and 96 mph, so he had all of the power pitching he needed. Other things being equal, he probably could have given us seven strong innings. I am not worried about our Maine Man. It’s true that the Fish hit him hard from time to time, but that team can hit flat out.

Castillo is coming through so far about as well as he did in ’08 (Believe me, I am not giving up on him just yet.).

Pitching changes seemed to be weirdly non-strategic. I mean, why would you pull Feliciano for “O’Dear” in that situation? Does Ramirez hit Feliciano especially well? Jeez, now we know he hits O’Day well enough. More importantly, who allowed Koosman’s number to be used by this scrub? Will O’Day be our 2009 Matt Wise? I don’t like him.

Sean Green, despite giving up a run (and balking! Though a questionable one at that), looks as if he may be a reliable reliever; liked his stuff fine. In the end, JMAN did not got to our Moneymen, and before people start talking about being cautious and not overusing Putz and Krod, I would say we need them when we’re trying to win close ball games. No reason Putz can’t give us at least two innings. True, all of these games w/ Florida could be tight, but we need to win every possible game. My hope is that Warthen and Manuel are in the experimental phase of BP employment/deployment, but, more importantly, I hope they figure things out very fast. So far BP is not exactly exceeding my expectations, only four games into this season or not. Parnell really may be too wet behind the ears to keep us in ballgames. Sure he can fire it, but lots of teams can hit it, too. What he’s got isn’t giving me too much confidence.

Though I am not worried about hitting (Murphy and Church look wonderful!), Wright looks confused; no doubt his groove is coming soon. I was disturbed we had no hit-n-run, esp. w/ Reyes walking twice. What’s up with that?

Hate to lose games like this because we just had so many chances to blow it wide open, and instead we just blew it. Ugh!

C’mon Metsies, go out and take the next two like buttah!