Vacant Announcers, Hanley’s Hair, and a 600 LB. J-Lo

Some stories you just can’t
make up. But they are entertaining on a slow news day.

During the Mets-Orioles rain
delayed game yesterday, the Oriole announcers left after the 1st
rain delay. So for the 8 innings afterward, there was no commentary. I guess we’re
not the only ones growing tired waiting for Spring Training to finish. The
official story is that the radio station told the announcers that they were
free to go. An hour later, the rain delay ended and the game resumed, with no

A hairy situation was
brewing in Florida last week. Marlin manager Fredi Gonzalez instituted a
professional shape-up in the clubhouse. Long hair was supposed to be cut. This
didn’t sit well with franchise SS Hanley Ramirez(whose hair really isn’t that
long). Ramirez demanded to be traded, as well as writing an expletive across
his shirt. Luckily for the Marlins, Hanley then relented on his trade demands
and apologized for his stance. Still, if you’re the Marlins, don’t anger the
one player who has a long-term contract.

Pitcher Julian Tavarez
recently apologized for calling the Washington Nationals organization a 600-lb.
J-Lo. He explained why he signed with the Nationals with an allegory: describing
a scene at 4:00 AM, when a lonely man has had much too much to drink, and every
woman looks hot through the beer-goggles. The Nationals came along in the form
of a 600 lb. woman who looked, like Jennifer Lopez, and to him, it was J-Lo.
This might be the funniest way to describe why free-agents would sign with

On a more serious note,
former star Dontrelle Willis’s attempt to make something of his career with the
Detroit Tigers took a huge detour. Willis, who the Tigers acquired in the
Miguel Cabrera blockbuster trade last year, could not pitch worth a dime and
couldn’t contend for the fifth spot in the rotation. Today, Willis was
diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that has placed him on the DL.  Interestingly, this anxiety disorder was
discovered through a blood test. Doctors noted a chemical imbalance in his

For anyone who follows
fantasy baseball, Kevin Gregg has won the closer role in Chicago over Carlos

MLB has created an app for
the iPhone, that allows you to listen to the radio broadcasts of any team, home
or away.

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