This One Just for Fun: A-Fraud Loves Himself

At the risk of being identified as a “moron” for detracting from the stellar character possessed by one A-Fraud, I figured the base might get a kick out of the NY Post story about how much that excellent baseball player and all-around wonderful NY Yankee, Alexander Rodriguez, spends lots of time admiring himself. (C’mon admit it, you all do this, too!)
Seriously, the photos are screamingly funny. I’ve actually never really hated this guy, but I admit I’m beginning to. Oops, sorry to end the previous sentence w/ a preposition.

Nothing gets between A-Rod and his mirror! Troubled slugger Alex Rodriguez gets up close and personal – with himself – in a one-man love affair photographed and published in the upcoming Details magazine. The mag captures A-Rod’s essence, with pictures of him smooching his own reflection, stretching his toned muscles on a bare mattress and brooding seductively for the camera.

BTW, this is not my Tuesday column, which I never seem to write on Tuesday’s anyway.