Sunday Brunch, MRIs and WBC

That whole turning the clock ahead thing has really messed me up bad. I went to bed so late last night only to find out it was actually later, and then I woke up later than usual only to suddenly realize it was 11:30 and not 10:30. I woke up starving, but I wasn’t about to eat last night’s pizza like my girlfriend was so I took the last two eggs and decided to make a satisfying cheese omelet with some toast and plenty of coffee.

Halfway through my epicurean experience, I get a text alert that Alex Rodriguez was going to have surgery. A good decision was my first thought. I got the sense that the Yankees wanted him to play through it and I’m glad A-Rod chose to do the right thing.

The WBC got off to a great start and the ESPN coverage has been great and fun to watch. I’m also loving the extensive coverage on where you can get the most detailed recaps, boxscores, stats, and everything else you could possibly need to know.

Here is a picture they had of the Cuban team that at first glance I thought was the Rikers Island prisoners during recreation period.

O3UNP8nL.jpegI’ve always heard that Cubans were treated like prisoners, but jeez do they have to dress the part?

It was quite an impressive day for Ivan Rodriguez last night as Puerto Rico pounded Panama 7-0, but lost in all the excitement was a solid game by our own Carlos Delgado who went 3-4, scored two runs, and clouted a double and a solo homerun.

Pedro Martinez opened some eyes with three scoreless innings so I decided to put up a poll last night and I also emailed it to our subscribers and friends on MySpace. I’ll share the results and my thoughts in another post a little later.

Where’s our priorities? Angel Pagan is on his way to New York for an MRI, however Mike Pelfrey joins Johan Santana as somebody who probably should get one, but didn’t. I don’t mean to rag on the Mets so much when it comes to this MRI stuff, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Also, why the heck do they always have to fly to New York for an MRI? Don’t they have MRI machines in Florida?

I need to get a refill on my coffee, later…

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