Redding Must Be Joking

After being knocked around yesterday by the Michigan Wolverines, Tim Redding was quoted by the New York Post as saying,

“I showed them last year – that’s why I’m here,” said Redding, who was
10-11 for the Nationals in 2008. “I don’t have anything to prove. I’ve
proved to myself I belong on this stage, with a ballclub of this
caliber, doing the job that I can do.”

Who is he kidding here? Redding only lasted one-third of an inning after giving up five runs. Two long balls were a part of it.

Redding, you pitched for the Washington Nationals. They are the minors of the National League, right next to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nobody cares about the Nationals in Washington.

A guaranteed major league contract means nothing. You can be traded or released. I suggest you start putting up better performances if you want to be the number five starter for the New York Mets. You have not impressed anyone.

Hopefully Redding can actually get his act together. I understand he is coming off surgery. I’ll give him a little slack. Yet, he still has no right to be talking. When he does something that can prove he belongs in that number five spot, then he can talk. Otherwise, he needs to just shut up already.

Someone tell Tim Redding that in the majors, nothing is guaranteed.