Pelfrey’s New Pitch

Pelfrey was spectacular yesterday, furthermore showing why the Mets have strength in their rotation, but he also showed something a little more yesterday, his new pitch. From hanging around Livan Hernandez, Pelfrey has developed a new sinker for left handed batters, who usually do damage against Pelfrey. The New York Times actually calls it a front door sinker, basically, it looks good, goes out and comes back, which makes left handed batters not swing at it, because it looks bad, but then it becomes a strike.

Pelfrey had a great second half of the season last year which really built up his confidence. When you watch footage of him from April, and compare it to September, it looks like a different pitcher on the mound (I think he also has facial hair in the later months since Randolph’s no facial hair policy left with him). He is so confident in his pitches, and I think the team is now real confident in him. He pitched over 200 innings last year, and his arm didn’t fall off. This Spring, over his last two starts, not only has he done well, but he has been very effective, and stingy with his pitches.

I am curious to see how he develops this pitch over the season. As long as this pitch doesn’t become a crutch (which I’m pretty confident it won’t), it will make Pelfrey that much better, and make our rotation that much better. And as we know, especially after last year, when your rotation is better, your bullpen gets better. Go Big Pelf!

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