Watching The Dominoes Fall

First let me introduce myself, which I probably should have done on my first post(Oh well). My name is Sach Chandan and I am a recent addition to the beat writing staff here at MetsMerized. My focus is on news from around the League.

Today and tomorrow, I will be looking at the top ten free agents remaining after the signing of Oliver Perez. Today is 1-5 as ranked by ESPN.

1. Manny Ramirez: Enough said. You guys already know every detail. Moving on.

2. Adam Dunn: A guy who is an instant 40 HR is having a hard time finding a home. He began the offseason looking for a multi-year deal worth over 12 annually. He has since reduced his demands. Serious contenders include Nationals and Dodgers. I think he would be a good fit here or in Anaheim, but the Dodgers will probably sign him if they move on from Ramirez.

3. Orlando Hudson: The top second baseman left. Met fans want to dump Castillo to get him. He is regarded as a good clubhouse presence and an above average defender. Dodgers expected to sign him to fill Jeff Kent’s spot.

4. Bobby Abreu: Began offseason looking for 4 for 48 deal, now willing to take a one-year deal and try his luck next year when the economy improves. He was in serious negotiations with the White Sox, but they would need to clear Jermaine Dye’s spot and salary, of which no team is willing to take on. If he doesn’t go the the White Sox, he could go to whoever loses out on Dunn.

5. Juan Cruz: He is in a major dilemma right now. He is a top quality middle reliever, but he is a Type A free agent. No team is going to want to give up a top draft pick for a middle reliever. The Yankees could make an offer and only give a 4th round pick. If he doesn’t sign with the Yankees, then he may not sign until after spring training begins.

Tomorrow, I’ll bring you numbers 6-10.

Till Then.