Watching The Dominoes Fall: Part 2

With no major signings since yesterday, it is time to evaluate where MLB free agents 6-10(as ranked by ESPN) stand.


6. Orlando Cabrera: I find it curious that declining shortstop Edgar Renteria got a two-year, $18 million contract, yet his perpetual rival, the steady Orlando Cabrera, is not signed. His price has reportedly fallen to $6 million and the Oakland A’s are showing interest. They have not offered a contract yet, but they will.


7. Ben Sheets: Met fans are well aware of this story. A Cy Young quality pitcher when he is healthy, but has had numerous injuries over the years. The most damaging of these are his arm injuries which have held limited interest in him. He holds out for a multi-year deal with guaranteed money, but no team will offer him that. Plus he’s a Type A free agent. The Texas Rangers have beaten around the bush on him, and are the most likely landing place. If not, he could wait until May to sign with a team looking for an extra arm.


8. Randy Wolf: For a while he was the Mets fallback option should Perez slip away, but with Perez signed, the Wolfpack will have to set up shop somewhere else. The Dodgers are the favorite to land him. It’s possible that they could sign Dunn, Hudson, and Wolf for less than what Manny would cost.


9. Jim Edmonds: He is on the decline, both offensively and defensively. I do not believe that he could be an everyday outfielder anymore. However, he does not think this and is looking for a better offer. Not much news to report here, although the Orioles were once interested in him at 1B. Will probably sign mid-season.


10. Joe Crede: He will not hit 30 HR’s again, but he still has some power. Had an impressive workout recently, and the Twins and Giants are showing interest. Would be a good fit with either team.


Till next time.