The Mets Are America’s Team

Yes it’s true. He told me himself, the legendary Captain America. This past week I took a vacation to Universal Studios in Florida. Being a Mets fan, I couldn’t go to Universal Studios and not represent the Mets properly. So I put on the new stadium jacket my cousin got me for Christmas and headed out. Plus it was unseasonably cold so it served as warmth too. Among all of the cool things to do at the park, you can meet and greet the likes of Spiderman, Wolverine, Rogue, and in this case Captain America. The good Captain took notice of my jacket and told me that the Mets were indeed his favorite team, which of course shot him up on my “Super Hero Status” gauge.

Now before anybody gets their undies in a bunch, I know that it is just a guy in a suit pretending to be Captain America. Thankfully, the line between fantasy and reality is not blurred for me.

I think that’s a good thing, having that child-like attitude that is. Others may think you’re a little delusional, but who cares? Despite the recent happenings with Alex Rodriguez and others, I still trust that the majority of the players who take the field are clean. That may be a little ignorant of me to believe that, but I need to believe in the basic good of these people, almost as much as I believe that every Spring Training, the Mets are destined to be champions. What would be the point of following the team? Or even writing blogs about them  be?

I’m going to remain optimistic this season. I know there will be negativity that will come around, but not for long.  My Pastor had this to say about negative thoughts.

“You can’t stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can keep him from nesting on it.”

So until the numbers say otherwise, “Let’s Go Mets!”

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