The Mets Are All In On Dan Murphy… So Am I…

If you love Texas Hold-em as much as I do, then you’ll know what I mean when I say the Mets are “all in” on Dan Murphy.

While many fans including myself, mostly moaned and groaned about the left field platoon of Tatis and Murphy, it turns out that we were on the outside looking in.

It’s become quite obvious that the Mets had big plans for Dan Murphy all along. They never swayed from those plans… They never had any dissenting opinions in the organization about Murphy’s ability… And most importantly, they have treated Murphy with the same regard and kid gloves they once did with Jose Reyes and David Wright.

It looks like 2009 is going to be a coming out party for Dan Murphy, and everyone from the owners, GM, manager and coaches are all on board with the plan.

Good for them.

There must be more to Dan Murphy than meets the eye.

Right off the bat we all knew he was different from all the others by showing such a veteran approach at the plate. We didn’t see a kid who was scared and swinging wildly at pitches which can sometimes happen with a new callup.

Murphy has played the part of a savvy veteran and exhibited the patience of dare I say it, Keith Hernandez when he’s at the plate.

After seeing the enormous confidence the organization has shown in Dan Murphy, I’m willing to completely back off my fears that we should have signed one of the big three free agent leftfielders. Instead of looking backwards, I’m going to look ahead and take in what could be another one of those breakthroughs that we don’t get enough of as Mets fans.

I’ve seen enough of his character, determination and willingness to improve, to step forward and say that just like the Mets, I am “all in” on Dan Murphy too.

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