New York Mets: Met Fans Are Very Much Into You

Hello.  My name is Greg Pomes and I would just like to take a second and introduce myself.  I have followed this site for a long time now and I am very excited and honored to be writing for it.  I have been a fan of the New York Mets all my life and I have always supported this team through all the good times and all the bad times. 

Met fans have been criticized in the past for being too demanding, too pessimistic, and not patient enough with new talent whether that talent has just come up from the minors, been traded or picked up in the off-season.  That might be true about Met fans but we are also passionate about this team and we do not hide that passion easily.  We have a very vocal fan base that want to win a championship as it has been 23 years since our last World Series victory. 

The passion that Met fans have for this team was evident this past Thursday night during SNY’s broadcast of Mets Hot Stove Report when an undisclosed amount of fans braved the cold weather and had a mini rally to bring Manny Ramirez to Citi Field for the 2009 season.  These fans most likely had a busy day at work or hard day at school and have personal lives to attend to took the time to go to the studio and send a message to the organization: that we still believe.  They were out in the cold with their signs, dreadlock wigs and homemade Manny Ramirez jersey’s chanting Manny’s name throughout the episode. 

Now whether you want Manny on this team or not you have to appreciate the passion of Met fans.  These fans obviously want Manny Ramirez playing for us and instead of writing an email to the Mets that will never get read or sending a fax that will be shredded by some intern they went to the studio when they knew the camera’s would catch their rally and got it broadcasted on live television.  That shows passion for your team.  Instead of waiting for something they wanted to happen or not happen they went out and tried to make something happen themselves.  Whether or not the rally was a success is not the point.  Those people made me proud to be a fan of the New York Mets.  The last 2 seasons have ended on a sour note to say the least and it was nice to see Met fans doing something positive for their team. 
I’m sure the Wilpons and Omar and the coaches and players have at the very least heard about the rally and I hope it fires them up for the season.  If the Mets sign Manny Ramirez great, if not there is still some good that came from the rally: the good being that everyone in this organization knows that the fans are still behind them and are ready to support them for another season.  They can go to Florida for Spring Training knowing that we still believe.  I don’t know about you but that would sure as heck fire me up.