Fantasy Baseball Rankings

The MLB Fantasy Baseball Rankings have came out, and they have ranked
800 players. I don’t take too much stock in the fantasy rankings, but
its also nice to see your players recognized. One debate I hear a lot
with Mets fans is who is better, Reyes or Wright? Well also has
a hard time deciding as they ranked Wright number 4 and then Reyes
number 5. Here are’s top 10 players:
     1. Hanley Ramierez
     2. Pujols
     3. Arod
     4. Wright
     5. Reyes
     6. Braun
     7. Miguel Cabrera
     8. Sizemore
     9. Tex
     10. Hamilton
great side note to point out is that the Mets and the Yankees are the
only two teams in the league that have two players each in the top ten.
One player doesn’t make a team, but when you have more than two great
players, then you have the building blocks for a great team. Here are
where other Mets ended up ranking. The Rankings are in the overall
ranking, then next is their ranking for their position:
     4. Wright (2)
     5. Reyes (2)
    19. Beltran (7)
    25. Santana (1)
    72. Krod (6)
    83. Delgado (16)
other notes: only did an overall ranking for the top 100, with
Delgado making that list at 83, shows how firstbasemen are viewed in
fantasy baseball for all the way down to 16 on the list make the top
100. The Phillies had three players, and you can guess who, between 11
and 20, so the Mets and the Phillies had the same amount of players
between the 1st and the 20th ranked players. JJ Putz got ranked 40 on
the Relievers list, and then Heilman, yes Heilman, got ranked at 61.
Maine got ranked 54 on the Starters list, followed by Perez at 56.

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