Miguel Tejada To Plead Guilty To Perjury

Performance enhancing beast does not go away.


all-star shortstop of the Houston Astros, Miguel Tejada is expected to plead
guilty in court to charges that he lied to the House Oversight Committee about
knowledge that another teammate with the Oakland A’s used steroids. The alleged
infraction happened in 2005 when he was called to speak in front of the House.
The FBI also believes that he purchased HGH from the same teammate in 2003.
Tejada won the American League MVP in 2002, and was blamed by Rafael Palmiero
for his failed test in 2005.


FBI is also investigating perjury charges against Roger Clemens that he
knowingly lied when he spoke before Congress in 2008.


PR disaster for MLB is getting worse by the day, and I am almost dreading who
is on the list of 103 other players who failed the drug test in 2003. Hopefully
no Mets.