Baseball Dies With The Player’s Association

Imagine a clear, blue summer day. The sun is shining brightly and you are on your way out the door to see a baseball game.

Upon arriving to the stadium, the only thing you hear is dead silence. There are no other fans walking around. No children excited to see their favorite baseball players. No sounds of the crack of the bats during warm-ups. Nothing! Just silence!

Then you suddenly remember what happened. The Players Association ruined everything…again!

Think back to the strike of 1994. Remember what it was about? Salary caps. The owners cried for it. The players cried foul. The strike began. What were we left with? Replacement players.

Nobody thought baseball would recover. If it were not for players like Cal Ripken, Jr., baseball probably never would have.

Could we be on the verge of another strike? Who knows! Maybe Congress would step in just like they get involved with everything else these days.

Whatever the case, the Players Association will be the killer for baseball as we know it. They do not care about their players, the integrity of the game, or the fans. All they see are dollar signs. The better a player performs, the more money that comes to the players.

If the PA really cared about its players, they would have a better drug policy than the joke they have in place. I wrote an article two weeks ago regarding steroids and how the PA does not take it seriously. When Congress demanded stricter policies, Donald Fehr of the PA said, “Those are too harsh.”

Somebody needs to alert the PA the whole point of punishment is to keep the players from doing it again. A slap on the wrist will not cut it. Can you imagine what their children are like?

The PA now condones the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Our childrens new role models are druggies.

Then there is the whole argument regarding salary cap. I am all for it. I know many people who are. Who does it affect the most? It is not the players nor the owners. It is the fans.

In essence, the PA is saying they do not care about the fans. Why? Simple. The PA does not want a salary cap. They fail to see that it’s the fans who pay these salaries. The owners just sign the checks.

We pay through ticket sales, merchandise, parking fees, and food sales. I’m sure you can all relate to what I am saying. Every year we have to pay outrageous prices. I remember last year I spent almost $10 on a hamburger.

Well here’s a thought. The more an owner has to pay a player, the more they are going to charge their fans. Prices will be raised across the board.

So let’s think about this for a minute. There is an economic crisis right now. There are 23,000 city employees in New York alone who are about to lose their jobs. This crisis will not be going away anytime soon. So people won’t have money.

Result? No fans in the seats. No money will be coming in to be paying outrageous contracts like those of CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, or even Derek Lowe. No more baseball!

The players that have no contracts are demanding more than any club can afford. Thank the PA for that.

Maybe the fans should strike. Maybe then the PA will understand the damage.