What Happens to Pedro?

With the Mets signing Redding this past week to have him “compete” with Niese for the final rotation spot, and still confident that they will sign either Lowe or Perez, the question then becomes what happens to Pedro. Omar still likes Pedro, and was open to his return. Pedro has made it very public that he wants to return to the Mets. But with the signing of Redding and the possibility of other signings, there is no place for Pedro.

A rumor surfaced with ESPN Deportes today, and since then has been refuted, that the Marlins are interested in Pedro and have set up a meeting with him. Where does he fit? He really doesn’t fit anywhere right now because he is ageing, and the teams that typically need ageing pitchers (teams that are ready for the playoffs but are missing a few pieces) are satisfied the ageing pitching front.

I hope for Pedro that a team with young pitchers, like an Orioles or even a Nationals, picks up Pedro so he can teach the young pitchers and keep pitching. But at the same time, it might just be time for Pedro to hang up his hat on an amazing carear, maybe coach a little and wait five years for the hall to call.

In other news, last night Krod got his second save of the winter and it was a four out save where he allowed one hit and struck out one. Check 213 Miles From Shea!

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