Let It Be

This offseason, Omar Minaya has fixed the bullpen. He hasn’t done much else; I would have signed Oliver Perez before Tim Redding. It’s such a shame they’re not even considering Perez. I would give him a multi-year deal over Derek Lowe any day of the week. With the departures of both Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoneweis, Luis Castillo has officially taken the role of Jessica’s Scapegoat (although seeing the posts below, I may have to reconsider).

As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m listening to “Let It Be,” one of my favorite songs ever. But Jessica, what do the Beatles have to do with the Mets? At lot, actually. This song ended the LAST Last Play at Shea, which I was lucky enough to attend and this song may also begin a new season of questions.

Are we going to get another starter? A lefty reliever? An everyday left fielder? Should Brian Schneider be our starting catcher? How come we don’t trade Castillo and have Daniel Murphy play second? Why do they play the World Baseball Classic in March?

We, as Mets fans, need to be postive. There will be an answer. We’re gonna get another starter because Niese isn’t ready. We’re going to get a lefty reliever, even if he’s picked from the farm. Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy were our most clutch players last season; we don’t need a left fielder. At least Brian Schnieder came through offensively towards the end of the season. We still have Luis Castillo because Jessica needs a scapegoat. I honestly wish they’d play the WBC in November after the World Series, but I can’t change that.

Even if we don’t know it yet, or have it yet, as McCartney and Lennon once said:

“There will be an answer, let it be.”

The Mets are our team; we’ve stuck by them through both good times and bad. For most of us, the Mets are more than just a team we root for because of our hatred of the Yankees. We’ve invested hours in front of the TV, hundreds on Mets tickets and merchandising (and in some cases, thousands). We fans are like an extended family; only another fan can know how you felt on September 28, 2008 or September 30, 2007. Only another fan can understand why we’ve stuck around for so long.

Whether Omar delivers in his next move or not, the only thing we can do is continue to love this team.

“Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”

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