Rule V Draft Thus Far

Although it is hard to break concentration from our new amazing back end of the bullpen, we have to take time to look at the Mets Rule V picks so far.

According the, at this time the Mets have selected Darren O’Day and Rocky Cherry in the MLB Rounds.

Then they selected Carl Codenthal and John Madden so far in the AAA round.

No one has selected Mets players at this time. (The only recent Met we have lost in the Rule V Draft that was “substantial” was Jesus Flores in 2006 to the Nationals, furthering their collection of exMet Catchers).

So, who are these guys? Will we end up keeping them?

For the first person, Darren O’Day, that answer points to yes. He is 26 from the Angels and is a side arm relief pitcher (Joe Smith replacement?) In 30 Appearances last season, he pitched 43 innings, had 29 K’s, and posted a 4.57 ERA. (With the Angels). What is striking to me is that he was a sidearm pitcher that had a good amount innings above the number of appearances. He could become a key piece for 7th inning or earlier relief. The downside is he is still rehabbing a labrum injury, and will more than likely start off on the DL and stay there for some time. Its a good move if he gets healthy and if he doesn’t. He has to stay on the roster for the full season, then the Mets can move him in 2010 to the minors if need be. A quasi-loophole in the rule V draft system if you will (although there is another loophole of him needing to be active for 90 days, I’m not sure, there are a lot of rules involved with the rule V draft).

The next pick, Rocky Cherry, was from the Orioles. He did a good job in AAA but struggled in the majors. He went 0-1, 2.75 ERA over 30 games in the AAA. In the majors he lasted 17 innings, allowed 15 Runs, 15 Hits, 16 BB, 15 K’s. So there is promise there but a lot of struggles. Spring Training will be a telling sign for Cherry if he stays with the Mets or goes back to the Orioles.

Both of these picks go back to Omar’s typical style of getting pitchers that other’s do not have hope for, and bringing them up to speed. It worked in 2006, and it looks like it might work again in 2009.

The other two players picked, Carl Codenthal is an outfielder from Atlanta, John Madden is a RHP from the Padres.

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