Patience Is A Virtue…Especially When Shopping

I have often prided myself in getting great deals when I am shopping. I get what I want at the price that I want. Shopping is the only area in my life that I practice patience.

Omar Minaya has apparently adopted my philosophy when shopping for new players.

I think the Mets have been very smart in the way they handled this offseason. Minaya has been so patient, to the point where it drives Mets fans crazy. Yet it has paid off in dividends.

Look at what happened with Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez. He wanted a five year deal that paid him $75 million. Minaya waited knowing the market would drop because closers were in such surplus. He got him for three years, $37 million. A steal!

As much as we all want a starter or two right now, we have to practice the patience that Minaya seems to have down to a science. Minaya gets his man. He has so far. 

Even if the Mets do not bring Derek Lowe aboard, they will get someone else and it will work out. 

Yes, patience is a virtue my friends and it always seems to pay off. Something to think about as the new year approaches us.

Happy New Year!