Lets Get Something Straight Regarding Closers

Are you as tired of reading the on again, off again trade rumors revolving around the same supposedly available closers?

Here are the cold hard facts…

B.J. Ryan of the Toronto Blue Jays is not available… He never was available… Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi never had any conversations with the Mets or anyone else for B.J. Ryan.

Jose Valverde of the Houston Astros is not available… He never was available… Astros GM said, “I don’t normally talk about trades but we’re not interested in trading Valverde,” Wade said. “I’m not saying we’re not going to. I’m not going to say ‘never’ to anything but if we can figure out a way to make it work and preserve Valverde, we’re going to try to do that.”

Other closers that have been rumored together with the Mets are…

Joakim Soria of the Royals… The Truth: He’s untouchable.

Huston Street of the Rockies… The Truth: That ship sailed away a long time ago.

George Sherrill of the Orioles… The Truth: Go back three spaces.

There are a dozen free agent closers out there. This is where we should focus your attention. 

Francisco “The Economy Is Screwing Me Out Of My Big Payday” Rodriguez

Trevor “I Recommend Centrum Silver” Hoffman

Kerry “My Arm Is Ok For Now” Wood

Brian “Big Cities Really Scare Me” Fuentes

Chad “Omar Owes Me Big Time” Cordero

Eric “I Need To Go Back On Steroids Again” Gagne

Eddie “Why Am I On This List” Guardado

Francisco “My Arm Only Hurts A Little Bit” Cordero

Jason “I Slept With Mr. Met” Isringhausen

Brandon “Ignore My 4.70 ERA” Lyon

Tom “The Artist Formerly Known As Flash” Gordon

John “I Want To Close Again” Smoltz

One or two of these closers will sign with the Mets. There are no legitimate trade rumors, only speculation unworthy of being mentioned or posted.

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