Enough With The Ticket Complaints

“Tickets are too expensive.”

“The Mets are not thinking about families.”

“Those prices are outrageous.”

Those are the number one complaints that I get from Mets fans every time I write about tickets.

To be honest, I think people are in an uproar over nothing. The Mets have taken every step to try to keep prices as low as possible for everyone.

The only thing I can ask is, have you really checked out the prices? The most expensive single tickets $495 and the cheapest is $19. There will still be value dates just like at Shea Stadium.

What do you want? Do you want the Mets to give the tickets away for free? It is not going to happen. No matter what, it is still a business.

Maybe you should look at the Yankees prices. You would think they are asking for your soul. Get ready to sell your life insurance plans and re-finance your homes just to be able to afford those.

The only complaint that I will actually entertain is the fact the Mets are no longer offering the seven pack plans. The smallest pack is the 15-plan. That is not fair.

Here’s a thought: You cannot expect the Mets to build the team you want, the stadium you want without raising ticket prices. These are things you have to keep in mind. People want the high-priced ticket agents. It comes with a price that we the fans have to pay for.

Like the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

You can check out CitiField of Dreams to read all of the complaints. That is only the beginning.