Cole Hamels Calls Mets “Choke Artists”

Cole Hamels had some choice words about the Mets yesterday. If you’re in a good mood, stop reading NOW:

On our two September slides: “Last year and this year, I think we did believe that. Three years ago, we didn’t, because they smoked everybody. I really thought that was the year they were going to the World Series. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. That’s kind of what we believe. … I think we’re always going to believe it ’til they prove us wrong. Yeah, for the past two years, they’ve been choke artists.”

On Jose Reyes: “I’m hoping I don’t hurt too many people right here with this. … When Jose Reyes hits home runs, he points his finger up like he won the game. And he might have hit it only in the first inning or the third inning. Well, when Shane did it, he did the same exact thing. So we were [saying], ‘Hey, Shane, this doesn’t win the game. We still have a lot of game to play. Ya know, why are you trying to be like Jose Reyes?’ “

Hamels went on to call this “pimping” after he homers. He also said the Phillies hung a piece of paper over Shane Victorino’s locker that said “J. Reyes.”

Okay….I’m tired of being a good loser here.

We’re licking the wounds; we’ve got K-Rod, we’ve got Putz. When we’re up, the Phillies like to bring us down. When we’re down, the Phillies like to bring us into the abyss. It’s pretty obvious that the Phillies get their ultimate high not from a World Series ring, but from bringing down the Mets.

This isn’t the first time that Reyes’s on-field celebration has been criticized either. One unnamed veteran even said that the Mets “tick off every opponent they play.” The Mets have let Reyes be himself because-let’s face it-he’s the most exciting player in baseball.

We’ve tried to be classy, be nice and congratulate them about their World Series win. But I’m tired of being classy. If the Phillies aren’t being classy, then why should we? I hope Jose Reyes does back flips and cartwheels at Citizens Bank Park next year. I hope the Mets annhilate Cole Hamels in his first start at Citi Field.

To the Phillies: THE METS ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT!!!!!!

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