What A Remarkable Country… What A Remarkable City

ztyUqmrV.jpegSixty-one years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, Barack Obama has broken the ultimate color barrier of all time, when he was elected to become the next President of the United States on Election Day.

Our country has truly come full circle from the days of slavery to this momentous and monumental achievement. Somewhere in Heaven, Abraham Lincoln must have been one of a multitude of souls who smiled down on the United States of America on Tuesday night.

Regardless of your political affiliation, nobody can deny that the impact of what has taken place will be epic, transcendent and far-reaching. We showed the rest of the world, the greatness of the American dream and the promise of how a true democracy can empower its people to achieve their greatest ambitions.

It is not by accident that God has chosen our country to be a beacon of hope for all the nations of the world.

I hope that our future President can find the time to come to a Mets game next season and throw out the first pitch. It would be so fitting to have President Obama visit the Jackie Robinson Rotunda in CitiField and pay homage to the city that broke the first of many color barriers in 1948, and helped set the stage for the history that would unfold sixty years later.

It’s too bad that Jackie Robinson did not live to see this day, but luckily his wife Rachel Robinson is still with us and was able to see the culmination of what her husband began all those years ago.

Hopefully the Mets can see the wisdom and the opportunity of bringing both President Obama and Rachel Robinson together at our new stadium next season. What a wonderful way to break in our new stadium, and also create the first of what will be many extraordinary memories.

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