Where’s Our Moment in the Sun?

I couldn’t bear to watch the conclusion of Game 5 last night. I turned it on to check the score and then immediately turned it back off. The Philadelphia Phillies, our arch rivals, had won the World Series.

There’s a guy that lives on my street that has erected a Phillies flag and a Phillies scarecrow in his yard. As much as I am tempted to go write “suck” under the flag, all I can do is drive past the house and keep my disgust and anger to myself.

As much as it kills us, we have to give “Philly fans” their moment in the sun. Even though they say they’ve “followed” the team, they’re only now coming out from hiding because their team is good. And when they say that the Mets suck, as much as it hurts, we can’t say f*** you. We just can’t.

The last three seasons have ended in heartbreak for the Mets. In 2006, the World Series was denied in the very last inning of the very last game. I don’t think I need to comment on last year and 2008 was deja vu. The last three seasons lead me to ask: where’s our moment in the sun?

This year, every analyst said that the only way for the Mets to go is up. We improved our record by one game but lost 2 games in the standings. This is not an improvement. I think the Mets have regressed, that they were a .500 team that happened to go on a 10-game winning streak.

As for the long, cold offseason, we can only kill the “Phillies fans” with kindness. Our time is coming soon.

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