How Will It Affect the Mets If the Phillies Win It All?

I may not know everything about the wonderful game of baseball just yet, but I do know that if your arch rivals knock you out of first place and go on to win it all, it can’t be a good thing.

I’ve heard several theories both ways. Most of us definitely want the Phillies to choke. Yeah, I’m fully aware of the fact that they are one win away from victory and the odds of that happening are pretty good. But, that ‘miracle team’ from Tampa Bay could swing it around and go on to win 3 in a row. It’s definitely a possibility.

I’ve watched every game (maybe not as closely as a Mets game), and in any of their three losses, the Rays could have easily won. Well, maybe with the exception of last night… that was brutal. The sad truth is they are now up against the wall and in a do or die situation.

So, what about those select fans that think a Phillies World Series win will help the Mets?

Is it possible that it could give the Mets more motivation to get things done in the offseason?

I guess that’s not a completely crazy notion if you really think about it. Surely, it will be a constant reminder that it shoulda/coulda/woulda been us.

Nevertheless, I would still rather see the Phillies lose.

I just don’t want to go through next season hearing the “World Champion Phillies” whenever I turn on SNY, FOX or ESPN every time we play them next season.

So I just have one more thing to say:


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